Comprehensive AI Testing and Deploying Responsible AI

Our features

Data augmentation generation

Fairness/bias evaluation

LA (Linguistic Analysis) based test generation

Cover based testing/Corner case generation

Explainability and Interpretability

Security and Adversarial Robustness Testing

Test oracle simulation using metamorphic testing

ML workflow and orchestration

AutoML based automated model generation

Experiment management of ML project

Privacy and GDPR compliance of models

Inference testing and performance optimization

Model comparison like A/B testing

Performance Testing

Monitoring, Concept Drift

Our Solution

Platform Components

How It Works

At AiEnsured we believe in building responsible AI hence we have built our product aiensured, the world’s FIRST comprehensive testing product for privacy, ethics and security.

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Get answer to your unique AI problems and find out why aiensured is the right choice for your business. has been bestowed with the prestigious FKCCI - Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry Women Achiever Award!